Lean Gains Muscle Building Program

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This program was designed for one sole reason, to help you pack on as much muscle as possible within the prescribed period.

Hypertrophy is the aim of this game.

Building mounds of new lean muscle means hitting the weights hard. This 12 week program will have you doing just that. Backed by a sound nutrition strategy, there is no guess work involved. All you have to do is follow the prescribed weekly training plan to build that muscular physique you have always wished for.

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Lean Gains Muscle Building Program

Build Muscle, Gain Size & Chisel Your Ideal Physique!


The Lean Gains Muscle-Building program is a comprehensive, guided and informative course designed to give lifters of beginner and intermediate levels a step-by-step method to build muscle and attain your dream physique. We will dive into the nuts and bolts of the Principles, Exercise & Nutrition components of muscular development in detail – taking the ambiguity out of the process.

A three-phase training program based on weekly ‘micro-cycles’ that help you progressively build muscle and strength each and every week. This is a must have for anyone serious about building muscle to improve their strength, looks, overall confidence and transform their lives. If you’re eager to experience results in the gym like never before, then get this program today and get ready to grow!

The lean Gains Muscle Building program is specifically made for the lifters at the:

*Beginner Level (0-12 months of weight lifting experience)

*Intermediate Level (1-3 years of weight lifting experience)

**2 completely separate training programs included for each group


What You Will Learn

  • Detailed, guided 12-week program that takes the guess work out of muscle building
  • Catered to beginner and intermediate level (0-3 years) lifters
  • Accessory exercises integrated to develop your lagging muscles and help you break through plateaus
  • Expertly integrated Progressive Overload Principle across all workouts, week by week – so you never hit a plateau!
  • Optimal training frequency for maximum strength and muscle gains
  • How to set your calorie and macro-nutrient intake for optimal muscle & size gain
  • Learn how to effectively track your progress and not shoot blind
  • Low-budget nutrition strategies & recommendations to build muscle and minimize fat gain


How is This Program Different?

Unlike other cookie-cutter programs that promise unrealistic results and promote the use of supplements as the holy grail, we focus on progressing on the key movements and nutritional elements that generate the most results.

This program embodies the 80/20 Rule. Almost all your results come from 20% of the actions you take. If you want to maximize your time in the gym – get the most results from the least effort, your focus should be on that ‘20%’ of principles, exercises & nutritional guidelines – that lead to the most results and maximum effectiveness.

Your confidence & self-esteem will sky rocket with the results gained from this easy to follow program. The Muscle Building ‘Hypertrophy’ Program is the shortest, quickest path to breaking through all the barriers and plateaus holding you back from the physique you want.


Whom this is NOT for?

  • Someone not dedicated to improving your physique and overall quality of life.
  • If you lack responsibility & ownership of your choices & find excuses easily
  • Serious injuries, physical limitations that limit your ability to partake in this program.
  • Someone who is content with just talking & contemplating – without actually wanting to pay the small price to finally transform your physique.

Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far and still reading – this is for you!


What You Will Get

  1. A comprehensive, easy to follow 12 week training plan
  2. Exercise ‘how to’ guides to ensure accurate form and minimize risk of potential injuries
  3. A detailed guide that breaks down every element of nutrition, macro-nutrients, calorie counting, weight loss/gain dieting. You will learn how to create your own nutrition and diet plan as per your specific goals
  4. Daily calorie requirement measuring tool to save you the headache of crunching numbers
  5. Tools to enable you to accurately identify your goals, stay accountable along the journey and track progress

Instill the right knowledge and empower yourself to become fully self sufficient by the end of this 12-week program. You won’t need to look outside for fitness help and training again!

Buy the program and get started on your actualizing your goals right now!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Luca Genoa

    Thank you for this program. 3 weeks in and I can already see gains!

    • Wilfred Paul


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