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Phone consultations are reserved for clients who are looking for a more personalized ONE-ON-ONE coaching experience.

Whether you are a novice with exercise/dieting and looking for an introduction to the fundamentals, or an experienced trainer looking to evaluate your current fitness regimen and work toward fine tuning your approach – our consultations fits the bill perfectly.

Consultations are $59 for 60 minutes. We will go over everything from your daily meal plan & weekly workout routine to overcoming obstacles that may be holding you back such as injuries and equipment limitations.


How We Can Help You

We can help you optimize your habits and keep you on track with your goals with our Fitness Lifestyle Consultation. Very often only tiny tweaks are required to keep you going in the right direction. With our personalized approach, we can spot potential pitfalls ahead, offer support, motivation and expert advise to help you keep up with your busy lifestyle.


Prevention is Better Than Cure

Old patterns take shape when health becomes less of a priority and work gets more attention and focus. If you’re like me and obligations creep, it makes you forget your health as a priority. This could be a “check yourself before you wreck yourself” consultation to prevent the domino effect of the 3 biggest health pitfalls of a busy lifestyle – poor sleep, inconsistent exercise and stress/emotional eating.

Our fitness lifestyle consultations will keep you accountable with your goals and provide you with much needed support and guidance along a difficult and at times lonely road.


Schedule a Call Today!

To schedule a time and date for your phone consultation please state your preference in the form on the ‘Fitness & Lifestyle Consultation’ page under the ‘services’ menu.

To maximize the value of our interaction, it would be beneficial for us to assess your following information beforehand.

  • Personal Information – age, gender, height, weight, body fat percentage, measurements
  • Daily Food Intake – eating habits, food allergies, preferred foods
  • Current exercise routine
  • Limitations affecting your training such as injuries, job schedule, lifestyle

If you do not have all of the following information, please try to gather as much as you can. We would like to ensure that you get the most out of your fitness lifestyle consultation.

Payment will be collected when the appointment date is finalized. Payments can be made via Paypal or credit card.

1 review for Fitness & Lifestyle Consultation

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Luca Genoa

    Good phone session! Really insightful and worth the price.

    • Wilfred Paul


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