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How To Stop Eating When Bored

March 2, 2017 / Health & Wellness
How To Stop Eating When Bored

Eating out of boredom can be a big problem when you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle and take care of your diet.

You can easily waste 100-500 calories eating a few snacks here and there without even being hungry to begin with. This is something that you need to take control of before it escalates into a bigger issue.

As an online coach I’ve seen people completely destroy their results by falling into this habit of emotional eating.

Key points:

There’s 3 main reasons while people eat when they’re bored. And if you solve all 3 you’ll be able to stop eating when bored once and for all.

1. Understand that eating when bored is simply you using food as a tool to change your state.

Boredom, loneliness, sadness, depression, indifference are emotional states and conditions where we often resort to food to elevate ourselves to a higher emotional state.

And that’s a big trap, even though food can help temporarily the rush you get from it doesn’t last long and soon you’re back where you started but now even worse.

To combat this issue it’s important to understand that you can change your emotional state with a much easier and more effective tool.

And that is exercise or doing another thing that puts you out of your comfort zone.

Yes, simply by doing 3-5 minutes of exercise you’ll notice how you instantly reach a higher emotional state.

Emotion follows motion. It’s almost impossible to be depressed at the same time as performing exercise.

And that’s why the most effective cure for depression in almost 80% of cases is regular exercise. No fluff, no magical solutions, just good old exercise.

You can do anything here, weight training, cardio, jump rope at home, swimming, dancing, any activity. All of these work amazingly.

So next time you get that feeling that you’re bored and you become aware that your body is going for food instead do some exercise..

2 – The second biggest cause of eating out of boredom is how your environment is setup.

If there’s a plate of cookies right there in front of you ever day – you’ll eventually break and eat that cookie. This is true no matter how much will-power you have.

Your environmental design is a huge variable in success, I would argue as far as saying that it’s the most important variable.

Often it’s not that we don’t have goals, motivation, will-power or desire to do the right thing but it’s that our environments are distracting us from staying on the right path.

And one easy way to overcome this is simply by not buying food that you don’t want to eat.

By not bringing any processed unhealthy food into your house you pre-commit to a healthy lifestyle, and even if you do go for some food there isn’t anything processed high calorie that you can go for.

And what you did here is essentially design the default choice to be the right choice. If you truly want to get something that’s really unhealthy you can go outside but often you’re just gonna go for the thing that’s there.

3 – And that brings to the third main cause of eating while bored which is that boredom eating is just another habit you’ve unconsciously cultivated over time.

The truth is breaking habits is quite hard so what you can do is simply use the trigger/cue to eat when bored to do a healthy habit.

So instead of snacking on unhealthy food when you’re bored you fill your house with low calorie snacks like vegetables.

Even if you do overeat on these it’s not gonna be a big deal in terms of calories -you’re also getting a lot of healthy nutrition in.

Let me know in the comments what’s your experience with eating out of boredom!

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About the author:
Wilfred Paul is an Exercise Physiologist, PT & Weight Loss Consultant with a passion for helping people actualize their health & fitness goals. He is also a content writer for Forbes, Medical Daily & The Independent UK. 
Posted by
Wilfred Paul
Wilfred Paul is an exercise physiologist, pt & weight loss consultant with a passion for helping people actualize their health & fitness goals. he is also a content writer for forbes, medical daily & the independent uk.

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