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3 Psychological Traps to Escape to Lose Weight

January 23, 2017 / Health & Wellness, Weight Loss
3 Psychological Traps to Escape to Lose Weight

As we enter into the new year, as always there is a sense of optimism and hope. People all around the world re-commit to their fitness vows. I usually love January because of the immense motivation and positive energy that resonate with it.

However, motivation and energy aren’t enough to attain a healthy physique and lose weight. If motivation and energy are your roots, the right knowledge, mindset and habits are your branches and leaves – that round of a healthy tree –i.e. your physique.

Becoming the best version of yourself is not an easy journey.

Your brain doesn’t want you to succeed, it wants to preserve energy, ensure survival and it will go for the path of least resistance.

But what does that have to with losing weight and getting lean?

Contrary to what most people believe getting in best shape of your life is more of a mindset game than it is about the “How to’s” and “What to do’s”.

And there’s a price to pay. There are certain things you have to be willing to give up to succeed.

The question is simply – are you’re willing to give up these things – and leave the old you behind?

If you ask most people what it takes to go through a successful physical transformation you’ll often hear things like:

– You have to cut carbohydrates, fats, diary or junk food.
– You need to eat clean 100% of the time.
– Anything that tastes good is bad! Stop eating it.
– You can’t party, travel and maintain a flexible lifestyle if weight loss is your chief goal.
– You have to give up your hobbies and spend hours in the gym.
– You have to track calories 365 days of the year.

These are all correct and impact your results but overall, they’re all just tools in a toolbox.

The actual change starts with the mind, it starts with the mindset.

And here are the 3 most dangerous psychological traps you need to avoid to lose weight effectively and physically transform:

1 – Instant Gratification

Delayed gratification is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward.

This is the true destroyer of your goals. It’s the urge to reach for the dessert even though you know it’s going to put your over your calories count for that day. It’s procrastinating on your work although you know it’s going to get 10 times harder.

Instant gratification is all around us, and unfortunately we’re wired to go for it. The lack of delayed gratification is the result of a lack of definite purpose and internal belief that what you are striving for is worthy and attainable. When you don’t see a silver lining at the end of your temptations and struggles, you will cheat.

What is dieting to a low body fat %?

It’s delaying gratification; it’s putting aside the fact that you want to enjoy stuffing your face with food right now for a bigger goal in the future.Those who cultivate the ability to delay gratification will be successful, not just in getting ripped but also in all areas of life.

2 – Your Ego

If your do not check your ego along your journey – you are doomed to fail.

There’s no one out there who is fully equipped with all the information and strategies to avoid all possible weight loss plateaus. Failure and learning are part of the journey, and a very important part.

If you can’t see failure for what it is – just another feedback mechanism to correct you on your course to success. If you never fail it means you never tried to do anything new. And if you don’t try something new you’ll be stuck with what you had before.

If you are not open enough to failure, you miss out on all the valuable lessons you could learn along the way that can add to your skill set and wisdom over the years.

The worst thing about the ego is that it limits your learning; it doesn’t allow you to step outside of the comfort zone.

It likes to think “I know what I need to do.” or “I don’t need a coach.”, “I don’t need help, I know everything I need to know.” People like this rarely succeed.

Be a student in the gym and in life. Always keep learning and moving forward. Don’t let the anchor of your ego pin you to your failures.

The truth is, the more you learn the more you realize how much you don’t know.

I suggest this book ‘Ego is the Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday regarding the topic of your ego being your own worst enemy. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2…

3 – The Idea That Someone Else Should Take Care of You

This is a big one. People want to “outsource” responsibility for their health to the government, their parents, food companies, friends, employees etc.

It’s easy to say it’s someone else’s job as that gets rid of the need to take any action. You just let go and things will happen as they should.

But do they really?

Think about it: Who can have your personal best interest in mind except you? Especially when it comes to health. Your body and mind are your gifts. You wouldn’t give your house and your car to someone else to do whatever they want with it. So why do you do that with your body?

Once you realize that this journey is your own responsibility and assume full control – things will change.

The government can’t take care of it, it’s too complex. The food companies are profit ridden organizations. It is in no one’s self interest to take care of you. No one is coming to save you – this life of yours is 100% your responsibility.

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About the author:
Wilfred Paul is an Exercise Physiologist, PT & Weight Loss Consultant with a passion for helping people actualize their health & fitness goals. He is also a content writer for Forbes, Medical Daily & The Independent UK. 
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Wilfred Paul
Wilfred Paul is an exercise physiologist, pt & weight loss consultant with a passion for helping people actualize their health & fitness goals. he is also a content writer for forbes, medical daily & the independent uk.

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